No Such Error

No Such Error was started in February 2006 by Bill Cargill.

The music is made using a PC running REAPER, Bitwig Studio and various plug-ins. I might play guitar sometimes.

The first five LPs were made in Bristol with Manus Pitt and Mark Bothwick. We mostly used: guitar, drums, MPC-2000, Yamaha QY70 sequencer, Nord Lead, Juno-6, Jen, Novation Bass-Station, A-Station, SP-404 sampler, KAOSS pad, Bugbrand bug crusher, Memory Man delay and other pedals.

In 2011 I moved to London and made Terminal Transit, Poundland and Remisc with Mark Bothwick.

When the Scamdemic hit my refusal to wear a mask put an end to my sound recording business so I left London. I didn't make music for two years, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Now I'm relocated I'm trying to regain some creativity. If you listen to any of this, cheers.

Also thanks to those that kept me informed for the last ten years or so, Miles Mathis, Alan Watt, James Evan Pilato, UK Column and Adam Green.

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Bill Cargill