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will generate a unique graphical score for you which you can then play however you think it should sound. The first one is called Blocks&Lines, you input how many players are involved and it will draw a series of lines and shapes for each using pseudo-random variables. the lines can signify pitch and the blocks can be amplitude, although its up to you. When you are ready, press play and a vertical bar will scroll across the score like a typical DAW to show you where you should be in the score. Scores last around four minutes. Make sure everyone can see it (perhaps the audience, too, if its a performance), if you can project it on a wall, even better.


and click

The second score uses a background image to suggest different textures, each of three players is assigned a disc which varies in size. Size can be seen as amplitude and whatever texture the disc moves over should be interpreted as timbre.

Sailing Discs

This one is for three players, or less. Unless discs are assigned to multiple players.

The intention is to create more scores and build up a whole almanac, there are also plans to make scores saveable and allow multiple access to the same score.
The scores are drawn using SVG technology and JavaScript.